IBS software is the green recycling choice for R98

In 2008, IBS

Stockholm on 4 January 2008

IBS has announced that R98, Denmark’s leading waste collection and disposal company, has implemented the IBS Enterprise ERP system. IBS Enterprise was selected because it provides a complete integrated management system that optimizes R98’s operations and ensures the company maintains an environmentally focused business.

R98 was founded in 1898 by an association of Copenhagen landowners and is now one of the largest waste disposal companies in Denmark. After a thorough search of the market, R98 decided that IBS Enterprise supply chain software, was the best fit for its business. The software purchased includes sales, procurement, service management, financials and budgeting. “We wanted a partner that had the business experience and technical know-how to work with new technology and respond to changes in our business. We are planning to incorporate some advanced new technology in the near future, such as registering waste bins with an electronic chip and using the Internet for our customers to place collection orders, and it is important for us to work with an IT company that can help us deliver these plans,” explains Søren Eriksen, Managing Director, R98.

As part of the overall solution, R98 has implemented key applications that interface with IBS Enterprise and allow the company to adopt more efficient and ecological processes. For example, a routing system ensures vehicles take the optimum route during collection to minimize carbon emissions. At the treatment plant another system measures the amount of waste that has been collected and automatically updates IBS Enterprise with the information, which it can then use to optimize the recycling process. “The result of our collection and disposal process means that all vehicles and routes are optimized in order to minimize transportation costs in line with our environmental responsibilities,” says Eriksen.

Søren Eriksen adds, “As a company, recycling is a key issue for us and so it is important that our business processes are also carried out with great attention to the environment. A key reason for selecting IBS was the fact that the application is geared to helping us optimize our processes so that they meet our green requirements. In addition, IBS as a company is environmentally aware and they are committed to helping us achieve the best possible customer service.”

Simon Shorthose, VP of IBS’ Paper vertical, comments, “Our software is designed to deliver efficiency in all areas of a business. An inevitable bi-product of this efficiency is to increase organizations’ ability to operate in a more environmentally aware manner.

IBS Enterprise supports the re-cycling industry by providing automated schedules for collection supported by service contracts and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) on service levels. Furthermore, the software handles management of resources including people, vehicles and containers as well as the integration with weighbridges and in-cab technology. In addition, IBS software helps to support ad-hoc demands, concerns and complaints processes as well as managing facilities management contracts, third party carriers and service providers.

IBS Enterprise is the recipient of all the data received from the various sources bringing the information into one database. The software is then used to produce reports based on the KPI’s that R98 has specified. “With IBS software in place, we are now able to calculate customer service levels on a daily basis. Such criteria as our ability to collect waste at the agreed times, address complaints and understand collection problems are all measured. IBS software supports the collection and distribution of our waste in an integrated, flexible, scalable solution and enables us to offer a low cost, high value service to our customers,” concludes Eriksen.

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