Press Relations

As part of our role to enhance the visibility and increase the influence exerted by our clients, we help them build their earned reputation.
B Communication promotes clients to the influential information feeds served up by the media, analysts and bloggers.

By maintaining market awareness and ongoing contact with journalists, B Communication turns new client information into newsworthy content. The companies with which we work are cited regularly in the traditional and online media as experts in their respective industries.

From developing your communications strategy to managing your corporate image, B Communication provides comprehensive support for relations with all forms of media.

Our proactive media relations include:

  • Press Releases: written by our teams, translated from a foreign language or edited, according to our customers’ request. Press releases are an effective way to connect journalists with brands, by informing them regularly on relevant news. Issuing press releases regularly boosts press relations. A press release is an appropriate mean to announce a customer win, annual or quarterly results, new products or services, the appointment of a new director or executive, research highlights or the attendance at a conference or event.
  • Targeted Interviews: Interviews are a good opportunity to inform in detail and help the journalist to better know your company as well as understand industry issues. It also contributes to improve relationships with the media. It may be set up following the publication of an article or a feature, as part of a first get-together or background briefing or in order to deliver additional information on a press release.
  • Opinion pieces: Written by our teams or edited/translated, the opinion piece mainly reflects the author’s opinion about a determined subject. It offers the opportunity to deliver a message to your strategic audience, sharing a view on a hot topic. It allows to take a position on an issue and to gain credible visibility.
  • Customer testimonials: Journalists like to talk to end users, to get their point of view and write about their experience in order to better attract the reader’s attention. We regularly use customer testimonials, with reporters talking directly to the customer and the supplier, to gain valuable insight.
  • Press conferences: The press conference is an important public relations tool that allows journalists to find out about important news, ask pointed questions to company representatives and obtain important background information. Rather than setting up interviews with individual reporters, issuing press releases, and contacting editors, you can address a number of journalists at once.
  • Press Kit: The press kit usually represents the media’s first in-depth experience of a brand. Therefore, it is essential that it really allows to perceive the brand identity by delivering all the essential information, as e.g. founder bios, company overview, facts and figures on the market, up-to-date information on products and services.
  • Press Trip: For foreign companies who want to enter the French market the press trip can generate great media coverage. It allows building relationships with journalists in a professional and relaxed setting. The press trip is the perfect way to raise the reporter’s interest in the company.
  • Newsjacking: The newsjacking is the art of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story so you and your ideas get noticed. It should be used wisely, only in case it may be relevant for journalists.

We propose a good balance of

press releases / interviews / case studies
press conferences / opinion pieces

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Interviews management
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Our customers appreciate our strong writing skills resulting in an ongoing media coverage, our understanding of their products or services, our wise advice in terms of the right topics to communicate on, as well as our responsiveness and the quality of our daily service.

Editorial skills

Given the extensive editorial experience, B Communication is renowned for its high quality editorial skills with regards to press releases, bylined articles and opinion pieces. Specialized in high tech, our team is familiar with the appropriate technological wording to write about trend topics such as cloud computing and big data as well as classical IT subjects such as CRM, ERP, ECM, web marketing, networking, optical fiber, CDN, business intelligence, management software, enterprise applications, and SaaS.

Radio & TV media relations

B Communication covers the entire media sphere, including broadcast media.

The agency both seeks and creates opportunities to provide more visibility for its customers, selecting the most relevant programs on TV and radio.

Some programs are dedicated to broadcast interviews with top executives, others are specialized in ecological or recruiting topics. B Communication is connected with all journalists in search of interesting information.

If B Communication identifies a relevant topic, we get in touch with the respective program hosts.

A television interview can help provide your business with great exposure to your target audience and to visually connect with a wider audience.

B Communication does also work closely with web TV channels and radios.

Some examples of TV and radio interviews :

Jean-François Guyomar, Director of Syfadis, on BFM Business :

Laurent Delaporte, President of Akerva, on BFM Business :


Bruno Boucq, Senior VP EMEA, GTT Communications, interviewed by Informatique News as "L'invité de la semaine"

Laurent Delaporte, President, INTEROUTE, interviewed by Informatique News as "L'Invité de la semaine"

MARC SAINTCIRGUE, SALES MANAGER, LIVEPERSON, interviewed during the event eMarketing PARIS

Our client KINOMAP mentioned in the famous TV program Télématin

Le Directeur de Brink’s Protection Privée, Invité du journal de 20H, à l’occasion de la Foire de Paris.
M6 - Capital - Les inédits de l'été - Les dangers de l’été Les Cambriolages – avec la participation de Brink’s Protection Privée

In addition to generating an exceptional visibility, posting these videos on YouTube resonates with SEO engines. Posting the videos on your website or linking to them from your website can also add credibility to your company.

Management of media coverage

Our account managers collect all the press clippings resulting from their work and make them available to their clients.

We provide our clients with monthly, quarterly or annual media reviews, according to their needs. Media reviews are an excellent tool to promote the work of the communication department – for the executives, the sales or marketing teams, for internal use or for visitors waiting in the reception area or lobby.

We can also deliver a media monitoring and analysis service upon our customer’s request, based on the attention a brand or a message gets in the media. It can be measured by a number of factors such as type of media, extent of coverage, share of voice, story size, placement, media circulation, story treatment, context, etc.

B Communication provides a customized follow-up or monitoring according to the client’s top executives’ expectations.


  • " Patrick and his PR team have proven to be highly efficient for several of the software companies I hired them for. B Communication method is both pragmatic and creative and always resulted in rapid, very favorable exposure to the press and to customers. Patrick and his team's extensive software industry knowledge is essential in capturing each solution unique value proposition and building buzz. "

    Christophe Foret
    Christophe Foret Data Protection BU, McAfee
  • " We have achieved a solid reputation in France thanks to press articles managed by B Communication in the media. We are highly satisfied with the results. "

    Dirk Vannieuwkerke
    Dirk Vannieuwkerke Director of Sales, Western Europe, ELO Digital Office
  • " Crossgate was all but unknown in France when we started working with B Communication and immediately began noticing increased visibility through references in mass-distributed articles and media releases. B Communication helped to establish Crossgate’s reputation. "

    Didier Mamet
    Didier Mamet Executive Director of Crossgate for France, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • " B Communication knows how to create the buzz we are expecting about our company and its solution. After several interviews and press releases, we obtained pertinent articles in professional and business press, online press and on the radio. "

    Thierry Arbey
    Thierry Arbey General Manager, Teambox
  • " B Communication managed our communication during several years. Their outsanding relations with the press and experience of the Enterprise different processes and core businesses were key as our software and services were also addressing different departments like Engineering, Information Technology, Innovation, etc. "

    Patrick Ternier
    Patrick Ternier CEO Artemis, 2005
  • " B Communication managed our communications for over 3 years in France and successfully assured our visibility in the Marketing, E-commerce, Business and Finance press and on the Internet. During this key time frame, Emailvision went public. "

    Nick Heys
    Nick Heys President and CEO, Emailvision
  • " B Communication answered our press relation needs in the first weeks we started working together. B Communication helped us state a clear and well received message resulting in pertinent articles in all the press read by our clients and prospects, thus despite Arismore is a young and innovative company focused on emerging markets. Press Relations undeniably reinforced Arismore visibility and are well perceived by our important clients and Arismore employees. B Communication brought an essential building block to Arismore growth: a professional and visible media relation. "

    Eric Boulay
    Eric Boulay CEO, Arismore
  • "B Communication is an efficient and responsive agency. Its team has been immersed in the technological environment for many years. They are meeting our needs, are filled with new perspectives, and know very well the French IT and Business media."

    Bruno Boucq
    Bruno Boucq Senior VP South Europe of GTT Communications