Content creation

As a high tech PR agency, B Communication has become familiar with the technical wording and vocabulary of its customers, by listening to media interviews, writing testimonials, attending meetings and press conferences, as well as by reading in-depth articles in the respective publications.

By immersing in our customers’ world, we have learned to speak on their behalf and for instance write opinion pieces to be published in the relevant media.

Beyond PR activities, B Communication leverages the use of written content. That means press releases can be repurposed as articles in newsletters whereas a customer win release can be used as a marketing document and an opinion piece as a piece of blog or editorial, or vice versa.

B Communication’s offering also comprises the creation of web, marketing, and business content for its clients.

Our editorial team is qualified to produce brochures, newsletters, web content, blogs, customer testimonials, and also offers video production services.

Our strength lies in having a comprehensive understanding of the most complex and innovative technologies.

Newsletter : the favorite publication for a direct and customized communication

Preferred for a closer communication with customers, the newsletter is a writing exercise with a different note. It speaks to people who knows the market well, its specificities, its technologies, its jargon. This is an opportunity for our customers to remember their latest news in one document.

B Communication writes the texts and lays out newsletters. They are generally composed of an editorial, articles about corporate news, company evolution, new products, new clients, a calendar of upcoming events and a press review that helps show the brand awareness to its customers.

The newsletter is a special relationship that the company offers to its customers: in this publication, it takes time to show its vision, its strategy, its ambitions and its news. This is a privileged time for the clients to better know its provider.

Opinion piece: an effective way to reflect an opinion on a hot topic

B Communication is able to write opinion pieces expressing a stance with regards to a hot topic, always based on a thorough briefing by its clients and further research. This helps to establish the company’s expertise in a specific subject able to be widely covered by the media.

We offer both, writing opinion pieces from scratch or editing a first draft produced by the client. On the other hand, we do translate or localize English original pieces.

Please find some examples of opinion pieces written and placed by B Communication.

Customer case studies: the best way to prove the positive impact your products and services have

The content of a case study may include information about the company’s objectives, strategies, challenges, results, recommendations, and more.

In order to gather the relevant input, our team usually meets with the project leaders. They inquire about the reference customer’s business, the initial situation and challenge, the search for an appropriate solution and the decision process related, its implementation and going-live as well as the benefits arising and the results of the whole project.

Cases studies are an excellent way to present a company in a positive light; it can be used for being published in the media and as marketing collateral.

Please find some examples of customer case studies produced by B Communication

Sales brochure: an important element of any business

A sales brochure needs to get the relevant facts across by using the appropriate market-specific vocabulary.

B Communication has the necessary business know-how and is familiar with the high tech vocabulary to produce sales material perfectly matching the French market’s needs, thus drawing potential customers’ attention.


Web content

For our international clients wishing to set up a business in France, the website is a window to the world they need to localize and adapt to the French cultural context, in order to gain the customers’ trust.

B Communication is the ideal partner to write web content for its customers, based on all the PR content produced.

Texts are written by a well-experienced team, to create relevant content that is comprehensible and in line with the French context.

In addition, B Communication knows well the search engines’ rules in terms of indexation, and is therefore able to produce SEO optimized web content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key for Google.


Video production: a greater impact on your customers

Video is a valuable digital marketing tool within your marketing strategy.

It conveys your messages in a quick and creative way, and can be successfully searched in search engines and on YouTube.

We have a creative team dedicated to handling the entire process of creating video content.

Social media: short and meaningful content

Familiar with the market and our customers’ wording, our team of writers are there to frequently post concise, attractive and relevant tweets.

Using hashtags and content appropriate to each social network, we share links and animate communities.

For greater efficiency, we recommend to illustrate content with logos, images and infographics.

Our community managers certainly follow all industry related news and trends to retweet the most relevant content.