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Press Relations

At the heart of the French speaking Medias,
B Communication will work closely with you to help raise the visibility of your organization and develop your influence.

Social Media

B Communication can define your social media strategy and capitalize on new opportunities to create and promote dialogue with your audience.

Content Creation

B Communication can generate editorial and branded material that reaches your customers. Opportunities include developing blog content, newsletters, bylined articles, case studies.

Since 1992, B Communication has been managing media relations for top-tier national and international corporations.

B2B PR Agency, with a strong emphasis on technology and telecommunications

Since its beginning, B Communication has specialized in IT and telecommunications, managing earned reputation for companies operating in these sectors. 80% of our references are high tech players we promoted or made known in France. We are familiar with journalists covering these topics in France as well as in French-speaking Switzerland and Belgium. We cooperate with partners to communicate on an international level.

The PR Agency is familiar with the appropriate technical vocabulary, knows how to explain new products, features and technologies to the media, following a didactic way. We work hand in hand with the sales and marketing teams of our customers, providing them with our PR know-how and consulting services with regards to communication oriented topics raising the journalists’ interest. We know how to activate our network of reporters to reach target audiences through the media.

Our strength: Understanding your applications and your business activities

Who ?
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Who ?
A Marketing Communication Agency member of an international network of independent PR Agencies.
We are passionate about understanding your business goals and providing a highly professional PR service.
What ?
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What ?
We work with ambitious entrepreneurs at the head of independent companies, as well as with established brands national and international, to help them define and achieve their strategic PR goals. Our services include media relations, digital PR, social media management and communication strategy.
How ?
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With enthusiasm
We create engaging campaigns that generate awareness. We do have the knowledge and experience to deliver a wide range of services. We work with energy and enthusiasm for every client, from taking the initial brief and developing the strategy, through to the implementation of campaigns and delivery of key objectives.
Why ?
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Reputation is important in business
Successful reputation management increase the value of businesses and brands.
Whether you are a large company or a start-up, we will help you build and develop your reputation as a fundamental strategic asset.
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Here, there and everywhere
We are at the heart of the French speaking Medias in Paris but we work with companies around the world. Large and small organizations are turning to us, directly or through our international network of independent agencies.
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Why not starting to know each other right now ?
Contact us to present your needs and discuss.
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Some References


  • " Patrick and his PR team have proven to be highly efficient for several of the software companies I hired them for. B Communication method is both pragmatic and creative and always resulted in rapid, very favorable exposure to the press and to customers. Patrick and his team's extensive software industry knowledge is essential in capturing each solution unique value proposition and building buzz. "

    Christophe Foret
    Christophe Foret Data Protection BU, McAfee
  • " We have achieved a solid reputation in France thanks to press articles managed by B Communication in the media. We are highly satisfied with the results. "

    Dirk Vannieuwkerke
    Dirk Vannieuwkerke Director of Sales, Western Europe, ELO Digital Office
  • " Crossgate was all but unknown in France when we started working with B Communication and immediately began noticing increased visibility through references in mass-distributed articles and media releases. B Communication helped to establish Crossgate’s reputation. "

    Didier Mamet
    Didier Mamet Executive Director of Crossgate for France, Belgium and Luxembourg
  • " B Communication knows how to create the buzz we are expecting about our company and its solution. After several interviews and press releases, we obtained pertinent articles in professional and business press, online press and on the radio. "

    Thierry Arbey
    Thierry Arbey General Manager, Teambox
  • " B Communication managed our communication during several years. Their outsanding relations with the press and experience of the Enterprise different processes and core businesses were key as our software and services were also addressing different departments like Engineering, Information Technology, Innovation, etc. "

    Patrick Ternier
    Patrick Ternier CEO Artemis, 2005
  • " B Communication managed our communications for over 3 years in France and successfully assured our visibility in the Marketing, E-commerce, Business and Finance press and on the Internet. During this key time frame, Emailvision went public. "

    Nick Heys
    Nick Heys President and CEO, Emailvision
  • " B Communication answered our press relation needs in the first weeks we started working together. B Communication helped us state a clear and well received message resulting in pertinent articles in all the press read by our clients and prospects, thus despite Arismore is a young and innovative company focused on emerging markets. Press Relations undeniably reinforced Arismore visibility and are well perceived by our important clients and Arismore employees. B Communication brought an essential building block to Arismore growth: a professional and visible media relation. "

    Eric Boulay
    Eric Boulay CEO, Arismore
  • "B Communication is an efficient and responsive agency. Its team has been immersed in the technological environment for many years. They are meeting our needs, are filled with new perspectives, and know very well the French IT and Business media."

    Bruno Boucq
    Bruno Boucq Senior VP South Europe of GTT Communications